New Year Peach Cobbler

I feel really blessed to be living in southern California.  Lucky that I get to enjoy the beautiful sun and its warmth while others across the country is facing an unkind winter.  I hope you stay safe in this unpredictable season.

When a new year begins, a resolution for the new you is very normal.  Lose weight.  Leave your boring job and pursue your passion.  Find your soul mate.  Get married.  Have kids before the clock stops ticking at age 30 (rubbish!).  Which one is yours?  Mine is pretty simple.  Be happy!  Because being happy makes you appreciate your life.  I also want to challenge myself to be a better cook.  Food brings me joy.

For my first baking dish this year, I have prepared a peach cobbler using the recipe from comfort food queen, Paula Deen.  Poor Paula did not have a good year last year but one thing you can’t deny is her hearty, delicious recipes. Fresh peaches are actually in season during the summer so I prepared the dish using frozen peaches.  Gasp!  Frozen peaches?!  Yes, they tasted yummy too!  I highly recommend serving it warm and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.  Your guests will love it.    

Find the recipe here: