Caprese Orecchiette Salad

I took a flight out of LAX’ Delta Airline terminal and discovered a food court called Lemonade.  I did not expect anything great but I was pleasantly surprised.  I was instantly hooked on their Cucumber Mint Lemonade (a recipe on the list to crack) and Caprese Orecchiette Salad.  Now that airlines no longer provide lunch or dinner unless it’s a long flight, you should purchase something before you board the plane.  Otherwise, you are stuck with the last tuna salad sandwich.  
Soon after I returned from my trip, I searched for the Caprese Orecchiette Salad recipe.  I still have not nailed it down but this one was just as good.  
Orecchiette Pasta
I am now a fan of orecchiette pasta.  This is such a fun shape.  There are so many pasta shapes that you can experiment with so don’t limit yourself to rigatoni or bow tie.  
Be choosy with the cherry tomatoes.  Buy organic if you can.  Even though it’s more work, you should slice them in half. 
The mozzarella pearls really make the salad more complete.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find them at my local grocery store so I resorted to cubing the big mozzarella balls.   I will continue my search because the mini pearls are super cute and tasty!
This dressing can’t be any more simple than this.  Vinegar, olive oil and garlic.  Pour as much as you want into your salad.
Enjoy this easy recipe! 
You can find it here:
– There is another Lemonade location in Newport Beach, California.
– Wal-Mart offers the mozzarella pearls in select cities!