Holiday Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Hash Brown Nests

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  So much has happened in the world this past year that it’s good to make time and show your appreciation for the people in your life.  I tweet my gratitude on Twitter so hope that inspires you to do the same.  It takes less than a minute to journal – saves paper!

When it comes to lazy recipes, I really like this one I saw from “The Pioneer Woman” on Food Network.  I am not a big fan of Ree Drummond but her breakfast recipes are easy to make.  I prefer calling this hash brown “nests” because they remind me of the Chinese bird’s nest recipe.  The ingredients are so simple: potatoes, salt, pepper, cooking spray and large eggs.

Instead of grating 6 to 8 potatoes (who has time for that?!), I took the shortcut and bought one bag of frozen hash browns.  If you are making 24 nests, then you should have 2 bags.  Depending on the number of servings and how generous you want to portion the potatoes, one bag of hash browns will fill 12 nests nicely.  Make sure the hash browns are defrosted to make it easier for portioning into tin.  I like using the big muffin tin for a heftier serving.

Serve with slices of French toast.  Enjoy!

Recipe can be found here: