Bacon for Dinner?!

I’m a late bloomer to loving bacon.  I had no idea what the big deal was until I discovered something called thick cut!  I was making brunch for my friends so I decided to add thick cut bacon to the menu.  It wasn’t bad for breakfast.  It was ok.  Then a week past I still had half a pack of bacon leftover.  I was emptying out all the perishables from my fridge before a business trip.  What to do?

I cooked a fresh batch of white rice.  My favorite Japanese rice brand is Nishiki.  I like my rice soft.  I had a bag of green onions to use.  What I discovered is amazing.  It has become my go-to comfort food now.  Adding an Asian twist to eating bacon.  Not the most healthiest but OMG!  You can make it healthier by substituting white rice with brown rice.

3 simple ingredients:
1. Pack of thick cut bacon
2. Chopped green onion
3. Cooked rice

For 1 serving: I use five pieces of thick cut bacon strips.  No oil needed!  Fry both sides till slightly brown in medium heat – you don’t want it too crispy.  Add chopped green onions and soak the green onion in the bacon grease for about 15-20 seconds.  Careful not to burn the green onions.  Take out bacon strips from frying pan (leave green onions in frying pan) and line bacon on a plate with paper towel to absorb excess oil.  Turn off heat and leave green onions in pan.  Move pan to another cool burner.  In the meantime, use scissors to cut  bacon strips into bite sizes.

Serve bacon on rice and drizzle green onions (from pan) on top.  Yum yum yum!