Experience Game of Thrones in 2 Days

Don’t want Game of Thrones to come to an end?  Then experience GoT in real life!  Read on to learn about my 2-day trip to live this dream. 
I was looking for my next vacation destination and my friend suggested, “You should look for your Jon Snow in Croatia, where Game of Thrones is being filmed.”
“REALLY?!  Where is Croatia?” I responded.  Yes, I’m geographically challenged.  So I did research on Croatia to truly immerse myself in the Game of Thrones world.  I immediately fell in love with Dubrovnik, where it inspired George R. R. Martin to write Game of Thrones and ultimately create King’s Landing.  
I prefer arrive by Sunday afternoon to experience the city during the weekdays when it’s less crowded.  Hotel prices tend to be lower.  However, local festivities usually happen on the weekend so schedule according to your interests. 
I scheduled my connecting flight from Zagreb and I flew out on a jet plane to Dubrovnik.   Don’t panic if you could see the propellers from your window.  Be prepared to start your adventure as you arrive at a small airport and transport back in time…      
For anyone who enjoys traveling alone, make sure your hotel is in a safe location.  I avoid alley entry ways.  With Google maps, you can scope this out pretty easily.  I read a lot of online reviews and look for hotels that meet my needs.  For example, I wasn’t planning to drive in Dubrovnik so a hotel at a prime location where I can easily walk and explore the city was important. 
In Dubrovnik, I stayed at Prijeko Palace.  It isn’t just a great hotel but also fantastically located.  They have all the amenities I was looking for.  The décor is a little outdated but I wasn’t planning to stay in my room to admire it.  The window view is majestic.  I see King’s Landing when I open my window!  The rooftop restaurant at the hotel also gives a perfect panoramic view of the city.  I usually go there to inhale the beauty before service starts and gets busy. The staff are super friendly and helpful.       
First Night Dinner:
Soon after admiring the sunset, I left my hotel to check out local restaurants.  I was so happy to have spotted Arka on my first night. Dinner at Arka was so delicious and comforting.  Even the rice itself was full of flavor and fragrant.  Just drool thinking about it.  I did not realize that night that I was sitting at the bottom footsteps of the infamous Cersei’s “Walk of Shame” in season 5!  How crazy that I stumbled my way to the walk of shame.   
Day 1 – Monday:
You will find out that Game of Thrones is kind of a big deal in Dubrovnik.  The city highly relies on tourism for income and the TV show has really helped it thrive.
For my first day, I have scheduled a Game of Thrones full day walking tour.  A fantastic way to get a good amount of exercise and get to know the city, including gaining special access to places. This tour shows you all the shooting locations for Game of Thrones. 
I chose Viator because their tour packages are so well organized!  Plus, the meeting location Pile Gate is only a few minutes walk from my hotel.  I purchased the full day tour because I wanted to visit the Trsteno Arboretum.  Lucky me, I was the only one from the group who booked the full day package so I had a private tour of this magical place!  Check out the tour here on Viator.
Take note of the places you want to revisit again the next day.  Always be aware of your surroundings.  Ladies, leave your purses at home.  Dress comfortably, wear walking shoes, sunscreen and stay hydrated throughout the day.  Be careful about refilling your water bottle at local fountains.  It’s safer to drink bottled water.        
Day 2 – Tuesday:
The goal for day two was to go with the flow.  I woke up early to beat the crowds and maximized my last day in Dubrovnik.  I love local farmers market and visited one to find some goodies to bring home.  Nearby the Pile Gate, I was able to find a nice restaurant for brunch and took in the breathtaking view of King’s Landing gate.  Just magical.
I walked around the walls using the free pass from Viator and it was so worth it.  Best view from all angles.  Later in the afternoon, while eating a cone of gelato, I decided to walk down to Banje Beach.  It’s a really tiny beach but you can relax there for the remainder of the day like I did.  Let your worries melt away into the sunset.    
For my last dinner in Dubrovnik, I treated myself to an outdoor dining at Amoret Restaurant while enjoying a live performance by a talented acoustic guitarist.  Wow!  What a way to end the night in this magnificent place. 
You have to visit Dubrovnik!