My Life During COVID – Part 2

This week marks my twelfth week working from home. I purely enjoy it because I have so much more energy in the morning. I get more hours of sleep without the commute time in traffic. I get more work done without distractions. Some days I do miss the human connection. Laughter that echoes throughout the office. Something you can’t recreate from a phone call or a video conference. I do believe that this is the future.

Grocery store layout promoting 6 feet social distancing.

California is slowly re-opening for non-essential businesses. The state has provided strict guidelines for retailers to follow and promote social distancing. Food supplies are coming back on the shelves and toilet paper is more readily available. I still limit my grocery shopping to every 2 weeks. With face mask and disposable gloves in gear, I go early in the morning just to avoid crowds. I treat myself to takeout food on the weekends only. At the moment, I’m not comfortable having a sit-down meal at a restaurant. I can’t wait to visit my local beach and ride on my bike.

I have not been on Facebook for many years and I don’t miss it one bit. You don’t need social media to keep in touch with your real friends. If you’re bored, pick up the phone and call someone. Let’s learn to communicate like humans again.

I have been spending a lot of time planning out activities. One of which is cooking. Trying new recipes has opened my eyes to experimenting different ways of cooking. I rediscovered tofu in my latest recipe find. It’s really about seasoning and texture. Now I always have tofu in my refrigerator. More to come on what I’ve been up to as I continue to quarantine and practice social distancing…

Tofu fritters – YUMMY!