Top 5 Korean Healing Dramas and Shows

While the world is somewhat put on pause because of COVID, we are so lucky that we still get to enjoy Korean shows and dramas.  For that one hour, we can immerse ourselves in entertainment bliss.  Here are my top 5 healing shows.

I Live Alone/Home Alone

In this Korean variety show, we get to see a glimpse of celebrities’ lives while listening to the hilarious commentaries by the show’s cast members.  Isn’t it nice to know that celebrities are just human beings like you and me?  They too have their own struggles in life. They work hard to get to where they are in their career.  This show is so comforting to watch.  It’s like a bowl of chicken soup.  It’s like hanging out with friends every week and checking to see how they’re doing.  You just want to root for them.     

Hospital Playlist 1 & 2

Hospital Playlist dominated the ratings for good reason.  The impeccable acting by the cast, the delicate stories about family, friends and relationships.  The amazing soundtrack!  Grown adults having actual intelligent adult conversations but fight over food like kids.  It’s just so honest.  Sign me up for anything written by Lee Woo Jung and directed/produced by Shin Won Ho!  Must watch Prison Playbook and Reply 1988.

Move to Heaven

Lee Je Hoon is one of the most versatile and talented actors in Korea.  He always takes on different types of roles.  This guy knows how to pull off a mullet.  The series brought to light the practice of post-death cleaners that many of us were not aware of.  Make sure a box of tissue is at arm’s reach.  It will make you look at death really differently. A major breakout role for endearing Tang Joon Sang.  He is definitely going far with his acting career.  I can’t wait to see Lee Je Hoon in Taxi Driver 2 in 2022!

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

A couple with dimpled faces, how can anyone resist?  It’s nice to see a drama series without the heavy winter coats for a change.  The heart-warming stories of village people’s past with a beautiful back drop of the seaport town really gave the audience a feel good rom com.  Spoiler alert: we finally get to see a happy ending for Kim Seon Ho’s character after a savage ending in Start-Up.  Yes!

Our Beloved Summer

The chemistry between Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi is so captivating.  They really surprised me.  Kim Da Mi has proven herself a strong actress after starring in Itaewon Class and she does not disappoint in Our Beloved Summer.  This girl knows how to make me cry for her!  Choi Woo Shik comes across as goofy and innocent but matures as his character evolves in the drama.  What I love about the screenplay is that the conversations between the two actors are very believable and relatable.  They make you question how much one’s pride gets in the way of relationships.

Isn’t this what healing is all about?  Laughing and crying to your heart’s content.  Human stories that you can relate to.       

Do you have your top 5 healings shows?